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Quality assurance

The company spirit reflects the pursuit of the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction for the purpose of “quality first, service first, credibility first” principle.

We aim to achieve:

  • 1. Safety and reliability
    All products of YZ Technology Co.Ltd undergo a strict set of safety inspection guidelines and testing procedures.
  • 2. Quality assurance
    All products are in accordance with highest national standards of quality assurance to ensure customer satisfaction and meet customer expectations.
  • 3. Practical and economic
    Our philosophy is to enable our products to be placed in average households, which explains the affordable price with practical usage.
  • 4. Integrity management
    We provide continued service and support to every customer. As long as a customer is not satisfied with our product, we will listen to his or her needs and service accordingly because we believe that service is highly important.
  • 5. Our commitment
    If the products are faulty or not in a workable state, we offer a 1-to-1 exchange for our valued customers.

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