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  • Remote control patrol

  • Charge itself

  • Auto-alarm for intrusion

  • HD night vision

Do you encounter the problems below?
How many cameras you need to buy if you choose the fixed ones?
How many cameras should you buy to view the whole house?
Should we fix camera in the house, different people have different ideas?
How to solve this problem perfectly?

Control it remotely to view anywhere you like

You can make MeE move forward ,move backward, turn right or turn left via your phone app under a stable wifi connection, you can also ro tate the camera up and down to view any corner in your house.

Take photos or record videos to remeber important moments

While you control MeE to patrol, you can also take photos or record videos to capture the important moments easily.

Set the patrol time and patrol route

You can easily set the patrol time and patrol route via your phone app, thus MeE will patrol automatically on time when you are on a trip.

Support more than one person to log in at the same time

MeE robot allows one or more persons to log in at one time, one of the person controls it while the others view the house as well.

Bidirectional chatting ,observe
and talk to your pet

You can calm down your pet while it shouts loud, for MeE has a function of bidirectional chatting,
you can talk to your pet through phone app.

Non-movement Alert to look after the family

You can set the non-movement alert on the phone app , MeE will send a notification to your phone while the old or the children do not have any form of motion within a long time.

HD night vision camera to make your house safe the whole day

MeE can catch the intruder easily even in the dark with a HD night vision camera. Anyway,it can make real-time photos sent to the owner.

Identify the power precisely and charge automatically

MeE can charge itself when the power is low, it can find the charging station and go into it to re-charge. This function makes MeE available all the time.
Size196*200*230mm(MeE body)
MEE surveillance robot
Weigh1200g(MeE body)
Battery8.4V 5200maH
Battery supply8.4V 1.5A
External storageTF card
The using time4 hours
Charging time8 hours
Camerasupport 720P 960P 1080P
SystemKernel 3.0.X Linux OS
Rotating anglevertical 0~80˚ horizon 360˚
Movement detecting distance8m
Online chat
Service Hotline
+86 139 2383 0386