F201 Pipe Inspection Robot
--For pipe or similar field inspection --

F201 pipe inspection Robot
    F201 pipeline inspection robot is mainly used in remote visual inspection of pipeline or tunnel inner wall. It can provide all-round detection and diagnosis for pipeline inner wall corrosion, weld defects, cracks, leakage points, etc. The F201 pipeline inspection robot can walk autonomously or remotely; the mounted camera platform can view 360 degrees without dead angle; the equipped high-definition camera has optical zoom function (4 times/18 times) and can magnify the details of the inner wall of the pipeline; high-power radio frequency transmission module or WIFI module can be selected to transmit video images, which can go deeper than 1000 meters and still ensure stable and clear pipeline. Clear real-time video image. Dust-proof and waterproof product design grade IP64

F202 robot's feature and speification is:
Main Feature Remote visual inspecting pipeline inner detects,like corrosion, cracks, leakage
Application Suitable for pipes (metal, plastic, cement pipe, ceramic pipe) with diameter 40-160 cm
Size and Weight F201-A: 28(H)31(W)38(L), 3KG; F201-B:55(H)38(L)38(L), 5KG
Communication Power WIFI/4G module (200 meters) or FPV wireless image transmission module (2000 meters)
Moving mode Double diff-wheel drive, strong climb and surmount obstacles
Video camera spec HD IPC camera with 4~18 zoom, video resolution is 1920X1080.
Self Navigation Optional function module, please customize when needed.
Infrared thermal image Optional function module, please customize when needed.
Env-parameter detector Optional function module, please customize when needed.
Hardware platform Two ARM control boards for motor driving and IPC function
Robot firmwares IPC os is Linux core, motor driving os is Assembly core
User APP Provide APPs for PC (WINDOWS), IOS and Android ternimals
Protection Class IP54(Dust proof, splash proof)
Moving performance Walking speed 0.6 m/s, maximum climbing angle 20 degrees.
View angle of camera Vertical angle -30~+90 degree, Horizonal angle -180~+180
Obstacle Avoidance Infrared Obstacle Avoidance
Battery type Li-ion 12V10Ah
AUto-charging With Auto-dock Charging station, robot can work 7X24 hours
Continuous work time >= 4 hours (after robot full charged)
Maximum run distance >=3000M(after robot full charged)
F202 profile pipe inspection Robot