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Changing the Siemens robot controls Industry and medicine

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Robots are more than machines. They are more flexible and can be used in more applications. The number of tasks they can master is virtually endless. Numerous challenges must be solved in the beginning stages of the product development process to ensure that this trend continues. And this cannot be achieved unless the technical possibilities of robots are continually improved. Nobody knows that better than the Digital Factory Division Motion Control of Siemens AG in Chemnitz. The controls that are developed at this location set the trend in the industry, and will certainly cause quite a stir at the Leipzig fair grounds from 30 June to 3 July 2016. They will be one of the highlights of the Research and Industry exhibition area at RoboCup 2016. A total of 3,500 international participants from 40 countries and 40,000 visitors are expected to attend this event in Leipzig.

Slowly but surely the drill makes its way into the metal. It keeps coming up, changing its position by a few centimeters and proceeds to drill into the piece again. Again and again - until it is full of holes. Shortly afterwards,Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Donner gives the robot arm the signal to stop. The arm rises, and the drill stops turning. With his trained eye, the department head at the Digital Factory Division Motion Control of Siemens AG in Chemnitz checks the result. “The objective is to teach the freely moveable arm how accurately it has to guide the drill without twisting it or unnecessarily damaging the material. Since the movements of the robot arms imitate their human counterparts, up to six motors are at work simultaneously to execute the requested movement. The challenge is to bring these actions into perfect harmony,” he explains. Afterwards, the engineer changes a few settings on his PC and the process starts anew.

In addition to industrial applications, robotics technology also plays an increasingly important role in medicine. Patients at the University Clinic in Jena, for example, receive treatments with the help of robot arm-supported angiography equipment. The system can be positioned around the patient with great flexibility, which makes it easier to look at internal organs from different sides (e.g. for the assessment of tumors and vascular diseases) and the treatment team is not disturbed during the treatment process. Thanks to the extremely sharp images supplied by the system it is now easier to treat constrictions in blood vessels. The quick 3D rotation shortens the time during which patients must hold their breath, making the process easier for patients. In this way, treatments become more effective and more comfortable for all involved.

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